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Astrology is An Ancient Science

“Jyotisha” or Astrology” is a kind of study that has been mentioned in “Vedas” which is one of the oldest religious literature, dating back to 1500 B.C. Astronomy was initially mastered by Hindus who have a thorough knowledge of astronomy and a lot of religious rites and rituals were related to the position of stars and planets and their motions.

Astrology is primarily concerned with the study of the motion of planets and stars that affects human life. According to the astrology, the influence of MOON, SUN and other planets during the birth of an individual’s is said to shape his/her future, viz- financial position, personality, career, education, romance, relationships, marital, children, and luck etc. Usually “Astrology” is referred to as 10 Zodiac signs which are based on Sun-Signs.

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Here is a quick overview about the sun and moon sign: the sun sign is made according to the characteristics of an individual’s, but the moon sign determines one’s passion, emotion and instinct etc., so in traditional Indian Vedic Astrology predictions are made according to moon sign.

Sun sign, always changes once every month so we can say that it is fixed for a month while the moon sign changes or moves by 13-15 degrees every day and stays on a single sign for only two and half days. Hence, proving that characteristics of individual changes quickly Similar to our emotions.

As everyone already knows throughout the full moon time, tidal changes happen in the sea, due to the influence of the moon, similar to sea Moon also affects the life of an individual.

To calculate someone’s moon sign, an astrologer might ask about the time, date month and year as well as the birthplace for making any predictions. Moon sign predictions are pretty accurate as compared to the sun sign.

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 What is Nakshatra?

Astrology is also related to the study of constellations also known as Nakshatra, which enhances our understanding by studying about planetary signs, forces and its positions etc. There are a total of twenty-seven Nakshatras.

Astrology contains a great deal of information about all of these Zodiac movements and their effects on human lives. All of the theories and procedures of Astronomy are scientifically proven and examined, making it one of the approved science subjects.

Why “Astrology” is called a perfect science

An Astrologer needs to be highly intuitive, talented and should have ethical moral values and God fearing attitude. “Varaha Mihira” a great astrologer of the past, predicted every future event with precise dates and time.

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Moon greatly effects the mind of humans as the moon governs our mind. In the Vedas it was stated as “ Chandramaa manaso jaatah,” translating to the moon affects your mind.

During the days of the full moon or new moon, you can observe the rise in the water level of sea. Similar to the moon, every other planet exerts its vibration or power on the human body.

According to research and survey conducted in the United States it was seen that most of the crimes were committed during the full moon day, and a lot of peoples went insane during a full moon day.

The research was published as follows:

Psychologist Arnold Lieber of the University of Miami along with his colleagues test out this ancient belief of “Full-moon lunacy” which the majority of past scientists have written off as an old tale.

When they compared all the incidence of homicide with the full moon phases, they discovered, to their surprise, that the two raises and fall together, without any fails, for the full fifteen years!

When the day of the Full moon approaches close, the murder rates were increased significantly, and these rates noticeably declined during the first and last quarter of the moon phase.

In any horoscope, there are twelve different houses and Astrologers study all these planets and their position precisely and also their effects on each other and according to their position on the birth chart they at a precise decision or study of any horoscope.

The human body is not exempt from the effect of gravity and similar to this, our brain is also not exempt from the effects of such forces.  Our actions depend on the condition of our mind and body, and our level of intelligence, along with those around us are all affected by these forces.

Our entire life is determined by the actions we take and what others do around us, under the effect of the forces of the stars and planets around the earth. After considering all of these factors, one can tell why “Astrology is called a perfect science.”