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Sage like garga, parashara tried their level best to get proper remedies mention in atharv-veda. Ancient sages had done work in field to ease life of their descendants. These yogis (Astroyogi) researched on the movement of planets and their effects on our lives minutely thus the science of astrology came into existence. In era of technology and fast life track it is very unfortunate that these remedies are not being utilized the way it should be. This is evoking misconceptions towards its authenticity and applicability. It had been told by Intellectualists that knowledge of remedial measures is necessary for an astrologer to excel in this divine field. We can say that astrologer who can't able to guide to pacify planets is worthless like a doctor who is unable to suggest medicine to patient. It is an important for any jyotishi (astroyogi) that he has responsibility to see future as well as guide people properly. Pradeep Verma Astrologer is doing his constant efforts to clear confusion of people regarding applicability and authenticity of remedies. He had explored many scientific reasons behind them.

According to science white light scatters into 7 different rays when passed through a prism. These 7 different colored beams are known as VIBGYOR, each representing initial of color. These colors play important roles by possessing there huge impact on human aura. Pradeep Verma Astrologer uses this scientific technique of color therapy blending with astrology as remedy.

As astrologer one has to face many queries regarding how relevant this science is? Many people give logic that if every thing is pre-destined then how remedies can change it? If things are not destined then how predictions can be done? How remedies work? How scientific are these remedies? Like diseases, contretemps are also of three types, easily recuperative, recuperative through long efforts and non- recuperative. Doctors give their best shot to comfort their patients, after being aware that there is low hope. They never leave patient on his destiny, like a sailor never leaves ship & people alone in sea, which is going to immerse soon. When destiny is indicating some negative happening to take place, astrologer suggests remedies to overcome it. Some problems can be resolve easily. Sometimes periods, transits and deeds of person are going on wrong path, which definitely troubles him & in that case remedies take time to benefit him. Overnight nothing can be changed by remedies. It does take time to yield positive impacts, if done with believe in Heavenly Powers and right karmas with pureness in soul. Designing somebody's destiny can be done by pure soul who is blessed with immense knowledge. Apart from remedies Acharya Pradeepji suggest people to change their karmas and bring positivity inside to bring harmony in life. He is well known is this field from past decade.

Every field has their own logical ways to deal with things. How common man gets relief through Gemstones and Mantras is mystery & researchable topic for scientists. Common man knows that he gets relief through it. As per scientific theories hydrogen is form of fire and oxygen always help fire to spread but when both these two elements i.e. hydrogen and oxygen mix in proper ratio forms water. As we all know water is best substance to stop fire. How an element that evokes fire, can act as coolant to fire. A lady takes approx 270 days to deliver baby, but it makes no sense that she will take 540 days to deliver twins or two ladies can deliver a baby in 135 days. Mathematical calculations are correct here but practically it is not correct. So it is clear that there are many things which can never satisfy logical parameters of human mind. Every thing can not be tested on scientific or logical parameters; it can only lead to vain of human energy. Ancient sages (Astroyogi) had involve themselves in prolong researches, tests and watched for results of remedies. After it they guided their descendants to follow few remedial measures stated in ancient texts to lead exhilarated life. In past many people has been benefited by his generous efforts & correct remedies.