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Dwi Mukhi Rudraksha (two facets): Is being used to cure mental illnesses, bronchial health issues, conjugal bliss, and general wealth and prosperity.

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Rudraksha is a very important element in Hindu culture. The fruit of the tree found in the hilly regions of India, Indonesia, Nepal, Sumatra, and Java, is also known by the same name – Rudraksha. It is well regarded for its high spiritual values and is believed to benefit our mind and body in numerous ways. Buy the original rudrakshas from us as we assure you of the best quality and the desired results.

Significance of Mukhi Rudraksha

Each bead – the dried fruit, is identified by the number of vertical lines on them, which are also called Mukhi Rudraksha. It has high importance in astrology and every type of Mukhi Rudraksha is associated with the ruling God of a ruling planet and its Beej Mantra. Wearing rudraksha provides astrological remedies through the specific bead associated with its rulings planet.

The various Mukhi rudraksha is considered as a symbol of purity with enormous powers to rectify many mental and physical challenges faced by us in our lifetime. It also bestows us with good fortune, peace, tranquillity, and health. Astrological gurus have the required knowledge to understand your astrological readings and suggest with the right kind of Mukhi bead for you.

Wearing Mukhi Rudraksha for Astrological Remedies

If you have been facing certain difficulties in life or facing any other problems due to fault in your astrology, you can take guidance and use Mukhi rudraksha for the appropriate remedy. There are 1 Mukhi beads to 9 Mukhi beads and each is associated with a specific ruling planet. The mukhis or the vertical lines are taken into consideration in determining its associative planet.

Rudraksha is so strong that it is said to start showing results within a few days of wearing it and following the remedial procedures. Considerable changes can be observed in a month of using the right Mukhi rudraksha.

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