About Astrologer

Pradip Verma has amassed vast fame internationally and nationally as an illustrious persona in the field of Astrology, Vastu, Gemstones and Numerology. Pradip Verma is a very well-known name in the mystical sciences and has achieved a high level of dignity, exemplified by his appearances on television channels as a leading Vedic Astrologer in Delhi. He has examined thousands of charts globally and is highly recommended by readers as an experienced and Best Astrologer in Delhi. With a humble and patient disposition Pradip Verma is the Guru or guide that you would like to have handling your birth chart and giving direction to your life, as a good listener and empathetic individual there is much to be gained from his divine knowledge. He believes that his instantaneous fame is attributed to the accumulation of previous life positive karma and this lifetime’s dearth of information pertaining to our nation’s treasured Vedic knowledge. His fame and name is in the fields of gemstone recommendation and as an astrological specialist with in-depth knowledge of various Vedic scriptures.

Revered among his peers, various famous astrologers have bolstered the name of Pradip Verma as one of the most renowned Vastu and Astrology practitioner. Even though he has achieved larger than life success, Pradip Verma does not believe in amassing awards even though many have been presented to him at award functions and ceremonies. This is where his gentle disposition comes into play, as he believes that his award is achieved through client satisfaction, by providing the comfort and closure a client needs in addressing their life’s issues. His clients have held a long-standing relationship with him for years, absorbing his divine wisdom and leading a life without hurdles. These clients have shown the utmost gratitude towards him for leading them onto a path of righteousness.

Blessed with divine mystic knowledge he has gone on to amass a vast collection of ancient scriptures pertaining to the untainted study of astrology and numerology. This is what makes Pradip Verma an authentic astrologer. Instead of providing cold readings as many layman astrologers do, he has gone into in-depth study and spiritual practice to hone into the blessing of looking into the past, present and future of an individual, and collective. He has deep knowledge of these subjects and by reading thousands of charts has the ability to read the minutest details with ease, speed and especially accuracy.

He has been practicing astrology for over 20 years with mastery of the subject coupled with a deep perception and understanding of the practical aspects of life. Apart from his international fame which can be quantified by the number of international clients he has, he also has high-profile clientele. He advises many powerful politicians, T.V. and movie actors and actresses, and various other celebrities from many fields. Pradip Verma is keen on non-disclosure of the names of his clients for the privacy and integrity of his clients, which also makes him the most trusted astrologer in India.

Pradip Verma also appears on Television and you can follow him on his YouTube channel, you watch him in action providing accurate reading and gemstone remedies to clients in a matter of seconds. You can also avail Pradip Verma’s services through his association with www.astroyog.com. For a telephonic call, face to face meeting, or issue based solution.

The Journey

Since his teenage years, Pradip Verma was fascinated with astrology and felt an inner calling, an inexplicable pull towards this divine subject. When he was young his father used to visit astrologers regularly, and by the age of 15 years old Pradip Verma started picking up on the subject rather quickly and with great interest. Even though he continued on with his regular education and completed his graduation from Delhi University, he never left the mystic sciences behind and has now mastered the art. It has made him the man that he is today.

Astrologer Pradip Verma was born and brought up in a highly religious family in Delhi, India. He is the first generation student and practitioner in his family of mystical scriptures and sciences, as he felt the pull of divinity towards this higher calling. With his education in this field Pradip Verma has not let his massive fame inflate his ego, he loves to live a simple life and help others with his knowledge and experience. His dream is to see everybody living a peaceful life, this dream is the prime motivator towards encouraging him to delve deeper in his research of this mysterious science.

To become a good astrologer it is necessary to have a purely analytical brain, psychoanalytical capacity, intuition, an adept ability to handle difficult situations and provide effective remedies, but in spite of that a good astrologer must have his guru’s blessings. Pradip Verma has been blessed by his acclaimed Guru at a very young age and has walked on his Guru’s path without faltering or hesitance. He denotes his international and national fame to the blessings of his Guru. In reverence to his learned Guru, Pradip Verma has decided to let the world know about astrology and its benefits, by providing information on the purpose of your life and the destiny that you have reincarnated to fulfill. 


Pradip Verma provides his famous readings based on Astrology, and Numerology. He believes that neither practice is either better or worse than the other, and provides reading according to what the client’s soul is ready to receive. The readings that he provides span from all issues starting from birth till death: suggestions for the name of a child, education, love life, career or business, marriage, progeny issues, financial stability, foreign travel, legal and medical issues.

The remedies are provided in the form of Vaastu Dosha reading in the horoscope, Vaastu suggestions according to the interior design of the household, and Gemstones that are deduced from the status of the Vedic Chart. Only after a thorough study are remedies suggested. He also provides authentic gemstones with two lab tested certificates to authenticate the quality of the Gemstones. Only an authentic Gemstone can provide you with full and benefic effects.

Many people have witnessed bliss and peace in their lives after doing remedies suggested by Pradip Verma. The astrological consultation, remedies and personal visit with him can only be possible with a prior appointment.

  1. Astrology

Pradip Verma is famous for his Vedic Astrological readings. To obtain this service from him you will need to provide your birth details: time of birth, date of birth and location of birth.

The sidereal method of astrology differs in the degrees allocated to the 12 houses from Western astrology. This is what provides it it’s accuracy. This study can first be traced back to the Rig Veda, where sages during higher states of consciousness and deep trance meditation permeated the time and distance concept that we know to access this divine knowledge. This knowledge has been passed down over 6,000 years, and while it is dying down in our nation this study has witnessed more believers in international countries.

Pradip Verma has witnessed that with the advent of technology the youth of nowadays have lost their path in attaining their life’s true purpose. He holds their hand and guides them through the darkness and murk of this Yug giving people an ability to reach higher states of consciousness, thereby breaking the karmic cycle of death and rebirth.

  • Business/Corporate: With the rising demands of financial stability and growing expenses many people ask Pradip Verma – should I delve into business or continue in my corporate career? They ask about promotions as they are scared of lay offs, and they ask which direction they should take and which field they should enter due to confusion of their life and indecision. He finds out the many strengths and weaknesses that a person holds to discover which field is the best for them. With rapid progress in society there are many new jobs that people can choose from that ancient Vedic astrology isn’t adept at. He combines his continuing research with ancient knowledge to gift you clarity of mind.
  • Medical Astrology: Vedic Medical Astrology is a branch that demands knowledge of both Astrology and Medicine. Through the “Ayur-Jyoti” method of deduction Pradip Verma determines whether you have a tendency toward various types of illnesses, or the period where certain illnesses are certain to strike, whether psychological or physiological.
  • Kundli matching/Relationship: Simply putting two birth charts together and looking at the Gun Milan out of 36 is not the correct way to judge a marriage. Even Ram and Sita had 36 out of 36, yet they weren’t destined to live together and were separated time and time again. At times we can see that the higher the gun Milan the less chances of a successful marriage. In such cases it is of utmost importance to meet an astrologer who has the knowledge that he holds for a successful marriage or relationship.
  1. Vastu

Vastu is the science of building a home to allow the right combination of nature to flow through our homes: earth, water, sunlight and air. When any one of these elements are blocked or stopped from passing through the house then there becomes an accumulation of negative energy, negativity in the native’s mind, and toxic thoughts or behaviors. This permeates through the mind created a lot of blockages in personal and professional life. If the household is already built then Pradip Verma assists in making sure the interior design of the house can counteract the structural lacks, and ensures that the inside of a home is a reflection of a state of mind that the resident wants to feel on a daily basis such as calm, peace, love and abundance.

  1. Numerology

Apart from Vedic reading Pradip Verma is internationally and nationally famous for his on-point numerology readings. Numerology is the study of your birth details and requires the computation and reduction of numbers to show your life path, your life’s journey and your heart’s desire. Usually thought of as a Western study, Pradip Verma has inculcated it and at times combines it with his Vedic readings.

  1. Gemology

Most famously known for his Gemstone remedies, Pradip Verma has received instant fame due to this field. He has provided thousands of clients with authentic and verified pure gems that have given them instant and immediately results and relief from any difficulties that they have faced.  Pradip Verma also provides gemstones and to build his customers trust provides two letters of certification of the authenticity of the gemstones.