Aries is ruled by warrior planet Mars and symbolised by the Ram, Aries is the most action-oriented zodiac sign, Aries is a natural-born leader. Red-hot Aries cannot be ignored. Full of energy and highly competitive, the Ram is both brave and reckless at the same time. Expect their speech to be direct and powerful through which you don’t dare disagree with Aries, because they’re always first to the fight.

Aries is bold and fearless, they always ready to take charge and lead the way toward success. Aries’ bold moves can sometimes trample right over the top of others, which may come off as annoyingly pushy or bossy. Impulsive actions and fiery words can get Aries into trouble, so learn to slow down and think twice before you act or react.

Aries is most compatible with bold, independent and free-thinking Air signs like Aquarius and Gemini.

Bold Aries is least compatible with sensitive water signs like Cancer and Pisces, and with stubborn in nature like Taurus and Capricorn.

Element of Aries is Fire and color is Red. Aries’ Ruling Planet is Mars & Ruling House is 1st House of Self.



Having overall comfort & happiness depends on being surrounded by the best things in life, Taurus needs to succeed. In spite of their extravagant nature, Taurus is really very practical, stable and sensible in nature.

Taurus’ sensual nature and love of beauty, food and art makes their world more pleasurable place for them & everyone nearby. Stubborn in nature Taurus never gives up and always holds their poistion, even when they’re wrong. You love the best things in life, but don’t forget to seek beauty beyond material possessions, too.

Earthy Taurus is most compatible with the cuddly and sentimental water signs like Cancer and Pisces.

Stubborn Taurus is least compatible with independent air signs like Gemini and Aquarius, and bold fire signs Aries and Leo.

Element of Taurus is Earth and color is Earthy greens & browns. Ruling Planet of Taurus is Venus & Ruling House is 2nd House of Material Possessions.

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Geminis are ruled by mental mercury, Gemini is basically known as the communicator of the zodiac and what some people might jokingly call the most crazy sign. This is because Gemini has a dual nature: part brainy intellect and part scatterbrained chatterbox. One half of Gemini wants to drink coffee and read the newspaper, while the other wants to swig whiskey and chatter on the phone. Together these qualities combine to create smart, funny, interesting people who are versatile and adaptable in nature, and capable to see both sides of any of

Gemini is clever, curious, talkative and flirty. Their versatile minds bounce from one topic to another with ease, making them fun to be around and often inspiring. Listening is not Gemini’s strong suit, nor is sitting still. They are easily distracted, and may fail to finish things they start.

They are initiator, but not finishers. Gemini also needs to be careful about cutting others with their razor-sharp wit.
 Gemini is most compatible with fellow air signs Libra and Aquarius, and with fire sign
 Airy Gemini is least compatible with watery Cancer and Pisces, and with earthy Taurus
and Virgo.
 Element of Gemini is Air and color is Yellow. Ruling Planet is Mercury & Ruling House is 3rd House of Communication.

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Cancers are extremely loving and loyal, but they keep their feelings hidden to avoid getting hurt. Cancer is the most nurturing zodiac sign, and loves to take care of family and friends. In fact, they are so much loyal, they will protect their loved ones at all costs. Sometimes Cancer holds on too tight, in fact, and can inadvertently smother loved ones with too much affection.

Nurturing and protective, Cancer loves to take care of people and make everyone feel like a home. Sensitive Cancer can take things personally, overreact and get upset easily. Mood swings are no fun to be around! Because Cancer is so deeply emotional, their feelings are too easily hurt. Try to control your mood swings by thinking twice before overreacting.

Sentimental Cancer seeks safety in relationships, and is most compatible with equally security-loving signs Virgo and Taurus.

Cuddly Cancer is least compatible with less sensitive Fire signs like Aries and Leo, and breezy Air signs like Gemini and Libra.

Element of Cancer is Water and color is Silver, grays and greens. Ruling Planet is The Moon & Ruling House is 4th House of Home and Family.



An increased awareness of subtle undercurrents may have you feeling a bit disconcerted today, Leo. You could experience clairvoyant or telepathic abilities you didn’t know you had. As you usually like to be down to Earth and realistic, this may throw you for a loop, but try to flow with it. Reality isn’t necessarily limited to what is perceived by the usual five senses!

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Virgo is in-depth detailed oriented, hardworking and very critical, with an uncanny analytical gift for seeing what’s wrong with people, situations and their surrounding environment. Being such a perfectionist makes Virgo valuable to have around, but also sometimes uncomfortable to be around if they turn their critical eye on you.

You can always count on Virgo to come through for you in a pinch, and they have a surprisingly deep sense of humor. Virgo’s perfectionism can sometimes be negative, and it can lead them to become too critical for others. They also have a tendency to be passive-aggressive. Loosen up every once in a while. No one is perfect.

Virgo is a great match for emotional Pisces and like-minded Earth signs Taurus and Capricorn.

Earthy, practical Virgo is least compatible with breezy Air signs, including eccentric Aquarius, erratic Gemini and changeable Libra.

Element of Virgo is Earth and color is Dark blue, greens and brown. Ruling Planet is Mercury & Ruling House is 6th House of Health.

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Popularity of Libras comes from their firm stance in the middle of the road, their ability to put people at ease, and a gift for sensing what others need, before they even ask for it. In fact, Libra often sacrifices his or her own needs to please others.

Libra is graceful, fair and charming, and their strong sense of right and wrong makes them popular with almost everyone. Because Libra sees both sides of each situation, they have trouble making up their minds and can waffle when it comes to decision making.

 Breezy and too much balanced Libra is most compatible with equally independent and intellectual Air signs, including Gemini, Aquarius and fellow Libras.
 Charming & lovable Libra seeks balance and harmony, which makes them least
compatible with aggressive Aries, rigid Capricorn and moody Cancer.
 Element of Libra is Air and color is Pastel blues, lavender and pink. Ruling Planet is Venus & Ruling House is 7th House of Relationships.

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Scorpio is known as detective of the zodiac, always eager to explore mysteries and get to the bottom of interesting things including probing others’ emotional depths. Many are drawn to Scorpio’s intense ways, only to be repelled again by their jealousy, secrecy or desire to control.

Scorpio is passionate and intense, with a magnetic personality. When Scorpio’s passion gets the best of them, they can become jealous and controlling. Also, they love to hide secrets, which can be maddening for others

Scorpio is most compatible with equally sensual Taurus, and with fellow Water signs Pisces and Cancer.

Intense Scorpio is least compatible with Aquarius, independent Gemini and Leo.

Element of Scorpio is Water and color is Deep, dark reds and purples.

Ruling Planet is Pluto & Ruling House is 8th House of Birth, Life and Death.

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Sagittarius sign is ruled by giant Jupiter, which is planet of growth and opportunity, Sagittarius is full of energy and desire to explore things. Positive and optimistic, Sagittarius loves becoming enlightened to new ideas through people, travel and philosophy. Others attracts to Sagittarius for their happy-go-lucky attitude and outgoing personality, and the only way to bring them down is to limit their freedom in any way.

There’s never a dull moment with Sagittarius, their friendly, outgoing attitude and interesting philosophical discussion keep others happily engaged. Carefree Sagittarius can be reckless in both action and words, and may hurt others with blunt honesty or thoughtless acts.

Bold Sagittarius is most compatible with easy, breezy and equally curious Gemini, and fellow Fire signs Aries and Leo, who are also always up for thrills.

Fiery Sagittarius is least compatible with Earthy Taurus and Virgo, and with sensitive Cancer homebodies.

Element of Sagittarius is Fire and color is Shades of purple. Ruling Planet is Jupiter & Ruling House is 9th House of Philosophy and Religion.

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Capricorn is quite caring, but the way they show their love is more forceful than fanciful. Capricorn must provide for the people they care about, so the need to succeed is non-negotiable. Slowly, cool and calculating, Cap is all about status & ambition, their happiness lies is earning much respect for their accomplishments.

Cap is a caring provider and protector of those they love. If there’s a Cap in your life, your material needs will be well taken care of, if not your emotional needs. Capricorn can be so hardworking and driven to succeed that they neglect their loved ones. They also can be too rigid, and tend to frown even when they’re happy.

Sincere Capricorn is most compatible with sweet Cancer, stable Taurus and equally hardworking Virgo.

Slow, steady and hardworking Capricorn is least compatible with fast Fire signs Aries and Leo, and all-too-playful Gemini.

Element of Capricorn is Earth and color is Brown and green. Ruling Planet is Saturn & Ruling House is 10th House of Career.

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Aqua is ruled by the unpredictable planet Uranus, Aquarius is the most eccentric zodiac sign. Intellectual, friendly and future-minded, Aquarians are not very emotional but they still are the humanitarians of the zodiac. The Water-Bearer represents community and mankind, and Aquarius is more concerned with the good of all than the good of any one.

Friendly and outgoing, Aquarius is always tickling with great ideas and fun conversation. Plus, they’re ever-willing to lend an ear or a helping hand. Aquarius is friendly, but they have an aloof and detached quality that prevents others from getting too close. A lack of intimacy in relationships can frustrate friends and lovers.

Aquarius is most compatible with equally independent and unpredictable fellow Air signs Gemini and Libra.

Airy sign Aquarius is least compatible with Earthy Taurus and Capricorn, who require more stability; and with homebody Water sign Cancer.

Element of Aquarius is Air and color is Bright blue, turquoise green and purple. Ruling Planet is Uranus & Ruling House is 11th House of Friends and Society.

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Pisces Fish are compassion & empathy for others emotionally, who feel the pain of the whole world and respond with sympathy to any suffering they encounter. Because of this interdependent attitude, Pisces can often put others & feelings first and neglect their own needs.

Imagination of Pisces is a wonderful, but it can also lead to confusion and escapist tendencies that invite problems. If Pisces can balance this vivid imagination with a realistic outlook on life, they can have it all.

Pisces is the most compassionate and sensitive sign. Capable to empathize with everyone, so their friends, family and even acquaintances will always feel cared for and loved. Dreamer Pisces can have trouble in distinguishing between fantasy and reality, and their tendency for escapism can result in problems with co-dependency, drugs, alcohol or other bad habits. It’s wonderful to dream, but don’t let your imagination lead you into trouble. Keep one foot grounded in the real world, remain realistic and pay attention to everyday matters, too.

Dreamy Pisces is most compatible with equally emotional Water signs Cancer and Scorpio, and with fellow Pisces.

Sensitive Pisces is least compatible with aggressive Fire signs Aries and Leo, and with breezy Air sign Gemini.

Element of Pisces is Water and color is All shades of green. Ruling Planet is Neptune & Ruling House is 12th House of Subconscious.