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Within the Vedas, there is a sacred science of building called the Vastu Shastra where vastu means building and shastra means science. It explains how to create an environment in accordance with the laws of nature which may help to experience support and prosperity in life. Vastu Shastra help us to know about the uneasiness that we feel in some environments and uplifted in others. Vastu Shastra is a word derived from Sanskrit language. It’s root word is Vas and Tun is a suffix.

The Vastu Shastra is a combination of ancient Hindu traditions which is developed as an art, science, and interpreted astrologically which leads the way into healthy living. The Vastu Shastra explains how we all need peace for which a family should raise their offspring in an environment that nows the meaning of peace. In regard to the Vastu Shastra, India has the richness in its culture and tradition and has some helpful tips to share with us to design our homes according to the vastu shastra for homes. And the Vastu Shastra shows us the basic principle for a man to get the maximum benefits of life’s energy giving sources, he must keep himself in balance with nature. This guiding principles are embodied in the ancient tradition known as the Vastu Shastra.

In the Vastu shastra, the word Vastu means land to live on and Shastra refers to harmony and balance of man with nature. The Vastu Shastra, basically, deals with the five elements in Indian Mythology which are namely air, water, earth, fire and sky and are believed to be sources of natural power and are also capable of giving off energy. Some of the basic objectives of the vastu shastra ideology are like the Dharma or Religion, Arth or Wealth, Kama or Desire and the Moksha or Salvation. On the basis of different Vastu consultant there can be four ways to explain Vastu Shastra like through Superstiton, Estimation, Commercialized and Scientific & Logical.

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