Bagla Mukhi Puja


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Bagla Mukhi Puja

Bagalamukhi or Bagala is considered one among the ten Tantrik Mahavidyas in Hindi religion. In other words, the goddess indicates one who paralyzes its enemies. The meaning of the word is Valga or ‘to rein in’ and Mukhi indicates power to paralyze or make enemies silent. As the goddess is connected with yellow, it is called Pitambari, in North India. It is further known that the goddess the misconception of enemies with her cudgel. The devi is known by 108 different names.

Other than associated of this god with yellow, she is seen riding on Bagula bird that relates it to concentration indicating a pearl of wisdom. However, the famous temple of this devi is located at Kamakhya, Assam, Guwahati, Himachal Pradesh and Kangra.

Benefits of performing Baglamukhi Puja :
There are different sphere and aspects in one’s life which is positively impacted by performing Baglamukhi Puja.

Protects from the evil eye
The puja is performed to safeguard against enemies and protect one from the evil eyes

Neutralize power of black magic
It helps neutralize the effect of black magic and gives protection from it in the future

Helps progress in career and business
If you have started a new venture, puja of this god will bring in happiness and good fortune. In addition, you are sure to progress better in your business or the new chapter you want to start.

Get help in financial matters
If you have suffered loss or into a financial problem, performing this puja will help solve the problems.

Better health and prosperity in life
To get wealth in your life and get the life you dream of, this puja can give you peace and happiness. So, to attain happiness in your life, this puja can help.

However, while taking the puja rituals, it is better to avoid taking non-veg items. This will sign of showing respect for the goddess. So, as you share the address with us, we shall send the Prasad to the address. By performing this ritual for years now, we are one of the preferable options when it comes to performing Bagala Mukhi Puja for your happiness and get the blessings of Devi. It is sure to bring happiness and prosperity to your life.

So, if you want to be part of this puja, or want to perform it for your good and get happiness in your life, get in touch with our team now. We perform the puja on your behalf. In addition, you can get in touch with our team for any queries regarding what to be done to successfully perform the puja.

Book with us online to get the puja done and you can email us your doubts. The client service team will guide you with the procedure, the rituals to be followed and the things you need to buy for the same. For this, you need to share your personal details, birth details and wish to perform the puja.

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