Shat Chandi Path


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Shat Chandi Path

Shat Chandi Path is mainly done to get blessings from Goddess Durga and it is a 10 to 12 hours long puja. It takes 7 days to complete with assistance of 5 pundits to accomplish it. To get the assurance of the best of puja anusthan done by chanting the correct mantas, it is our team to hire for the puja path.

What are the benefits of Shat Chandi Path?
This is one of the powerful puja rituals to perform that requires changing saptashati mantras. The idea behind this puja is to get the blessing and the benefits from the Divine Mother. The path should be correctly performed by the team to get the desired results after the puja has been done. If you approach the right team they will be knowledgeable enough to know the correct ways to perform the pujas.

By performing this puja, the devotees can be expected to have protection, success health and the desires are fulfilled. Other than goddess Durga, one will get benefits of goddess Maha kali, saraswati, goddess Laxmi and others. However, to get rid of problems of misfortune and help one clear their debts, the service of the puja is offered. One can get rid of the obstacles by performing this puja path. But you have to be careful about the process of the puja path.

So, it is better to get help from a trusted source who will perform the puja on your behalf and help get better service.

What is the process of offering puja?

  • After you book for the puja, you will receive confirmation email for the same
  • Following this, the ritual will be performed for you by our team as per the correct time
  • After the puja is complete, you will be offered free gift and Prasad through courier or after the puja ritual is done

If you wish to get the shat chandi path done, we will perform the puja rituals for you and send the images through email. For further details, it is better to go through our portal and get in touch with our team. This way, you get to know how to offer to goddess Durga through our assistance and we will perform the puja for you.

Other benefits of the puja path 

  • The path is a great way to pay tribute to goddess Durga so that the devotees are blessed with kindness and health
  • The puja path will offer god’s grace
  • The chandi yagya is done which is part of the puja and it indicates calmness of one’s life. It offers wealth to human being
  • The puja path brings in happiness and prosperity in one life
  • The puja empowers one’s life with better energy that helps neutralize the ills effects from having results in one’ life

After the puja path, prayer and aarti is done and it is better to hire a suitable team who can perform the ritual better. Call us now and get the puja slots for the rituals to be done.

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