Mrit Sanjeevani Puja


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Mrit Sanjeevani Puja

The Mrit Sanjeevani Puja is a type of tantric puja that is done to give back life to a dying person. The mantra for the puja is part of the ancient sagas and this is a combination of mantra for lord shiva and lord gayatri. The main idea is to perform the puja for the person whose death has been apprehended in future days. With this puja, the person can live a long life and therefore, you have to approach the right source online who can offer suitable service.

Let us take you through the benefits of performing the puja.

Rules to follow while performing the mantra 

  • While chanting the mantra, live a satvik life
  • Try to face towards east while performing the puja
  • Chanting of mantra should be pure and it should come out of one’s lips
  • One should stay away from consumption of alcohol, meat, or any vengeful things in order to be pure and perform the task of the puja
  • One should live a life of brahmacharya while performing the above said puja paths

However, the main purpose of doing the puja is to have a long life and get good health. But it is important that one should perform correct steps to perform the puja and get the desired results from. You have to choose one online service that performs the puja path correctly on your request. Try to go through the customer review section to grasp better insight into how the puja is done and you can get the Prasad. Not all online centres are able to perform the puja with great devotion and correct manner.

How to book for the pujas with the online team?

  • After you book for the puja slot, confirmation will be sent to you
  • The confirmation mail will contain the details of the puja and the objective of performing it
  • The pundits will let you know what you should avoid while the puja is being
    performed online on behalf of you
  • The video of chanting the mantras and the photographs of pujas will be sent to you via email address

To perform this individual puja, you need to get in touch with our team and get it done correctly.

What are the benefits of performing the puja?

  • The main purpose of the puja is to offer healthy and successful life
  • One should perform this puja when apprehending of any upcoming events or
    obstacles in life
  • The puja can be done if you have the danger of premature death in life

However, according to Vedic astrology, the reason to perform this puja is to dull one away from the negatives of death or the coming obstacles in life.
If you want to perform the puja, you have to look for a reliable online source that can offer suitable service for performing online puja rituals. If you are unable to find one, we are here to help you offer the best puja path service on your behalf.

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